EL DORADO Lake Largo is a fishing lake. There are no gas engines allowed on the lake. This keeps the quality of our fresh water high and makes for a very quiet and peaceful environment, also good fishing.  Bring your Canoes, Kayaks, paddles or electric trolling motors.

Those of us who live in the community love it and would not want to live any where else. Please take pride in our area and help keep it clean and safe for all.

El Dorado has it's own Board of Directors, which is comprised by Members of the Community.

El Dorado's Current Board consists of:

President:               Glen Schlosser (832)-964-5558 email: info@eldoradocommunity.info
Vice President:
        Don Danford

              Adrienne Greenway
              Adrienne Greenway (979) 323.4633 info@eldoradocommunity.info

Member  :               Norma Flores


Member:                Paul

Member:                 Bobby Polasek

Member:                 Karisa Schlosser

Member:                 Dustin Greenway (979)216-8527



Texas Leisure, Inc. filed A Deed of Trust May 20, 1971 in Matagorda County Texas. Known as Lakewood Heights. Texas Leisure, Inc. abandoned the development and the board members made up of land owners have run the association since.
El DORADO Community has a 52 acre fresh water lake. The water level is maintained by two fresh water wells operated and maintained by the board members with funds received from owners annual dues. One well is not in working order at this time. If any one is knowledgeable on water wells and pumps and is willing to give a few hours of your time I would be willing to assist you and I am sure I could get a couple others to help. Please call Glen at 832-964-5558 to set a time to work on the well.
EL DORADO is located about 20 miles south of El Campo Texas off of Hwy 71 and county road 1468 toward Markham Texas. At Clemville turn right on County road 417 go 1 mile then turn right on County road 419 (Oleander) which is the entrance to EL DORADO Community. There are 11 miles of roads around the lake. Most of the area is wooded with various types of trees. There are no public access areas as this is a private lake. There are two owner access areas that needs development. One located on the South side of the lake and one on the North. There is an existing pier that needs to be repaired due to vandals chopping the wood cross beams. Remember our annual dues pay for these repairs, so if you break something or cause damage to the roads that takes money away from other improvement to the community.
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